Products and Services


ebrosio Business Cloud

ebrosio Business Cloud (eBC) is an online platform accessible via a web browser (from a computer or mobile device)  providing:

  • providing support for teams and roles within a team
  • easy project management
  • easy management of the customer databases
  • a high level of security
    • support for secure access to the system
    • detailed access rights for users and their group’s support
    • system audit log
  • data imports and exports
  • easy integration with third-party applications and systems

The modularity of the platform allows simply adding client-specific functionalities, using the infrastructure and objects provided by the platform.

ebrosio Mobile Client

ebrosio Mobile Client is a mobile application for iOS, iPadOS and Android used to access ebrosio Business Cloud from mobile devices, without need to be online or to use a web browser.


  • intranet and web apps design, development, maintenance and support
    • CRM, warehouse management, logistic systems, loyalty programs etc.
    • data collecting apps
    • apps for education
    • e-commerce apps and e-shops
    • corporate websites
    • custom web/intranet apps
    • CRM, warehouse management, logistic systems, loyalty programs etc.
  • mobile apps
    • Apple iOS/iPadOS/watchOS/tvOS
    • Google Android
    • multiplatform mobile apps
  • online payment methods implementation in apps and systems
  • intranet/web apps integration
    • with third-party apps and systems
    • with internet platforms (Google, Facebook, Apple…)
      mobile apps
  • apps performance and security analysis and consulting